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Cool your groceries fast, and keep them fresh, with a fabulous fridge from Smiths TV. Our larder fridges come in a range of sizes and stylish designs to suit your lifestyle and your budget. Chill your food evenly and safely.  Use the salad drawer for crisp lettuce and door racks for refreshing juice. And, in some models, you can even store the ice for your drinks.

Choose from freestanding larder fridges to fit your family’s appetite, to undercounter larder fridges which slot neatly into your kitchen. A small larder fridge or a cheap larder fridge may suit your budget but will still be of outstanding quality.

Smiths TV offers advice on which fridge to choose to suit your kitchen and your lifestyle. We can even install locally and deliver nationally. Wherever you are, just give us a call: 01704 531854

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Please call for price 01704531854