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Lighten your laundry load with a fabulous new tumble dryer from Smiths TV. Relax in the knowledge that the dryer will be gentle on your clothes and will dry them to your specification – perhaps ready for ironing or cupboard-dry.

Vented dryers need a vent or pipe to the outside for the damp air. Condenser dryers are very flexible in terms of the position in your home as they don’t need a hose. Innovative heat pump dryers are energy-efficient and a great way of saving fuel.

Smiths TV have an extensive choice of leading brands and dryer types, including the outstanding Bosch condenser dryer, and will offer advice to help you choose best appliance for your home.

We can even install locally and deliver nationally. Wherever you are, just give us a call: 01704 531854



Actual Price:
Please call for price 01704531854
Please call for price 01704531854