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You will be warm and comfortable with a wonderful new heater from Smiths TV. It will quickly heat up your room, there’s no need to feel chilly. And you can keep an even temperature using an adjustable thermostatic control on one of our energy-efficient heaters.

Smiths TV have an extensive selection of contemporary heaters, including the fabulous Igenix range. You are sure to find one that fits in your home. You may prefer the versatility of a small electric fan heater or a larger 3 kW fan heater. Perhaps a convector heater? Or a low-noise oil filled heater with no fan to purr in the background?

Smiths TV offers advice on which heater to choose to suit your home and your lifestyle.

We can even deliver nationally. Wherever you are, just give us a call: 01704 531854



Actual Price:
Please call for price 01704531854
Please call for price 01704531854